Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I recently met with Jay and Bobby from the Linkery to blend a Meritage style Cuvee for their restaurant. I am really excited to be working with this restaurant as it one of those "can't miss" restaurants in this area of San Diego. The other reason is I think the food and wine pair very well together as my wines tend to be bigger with lots of fruit/mouthfeel and stand up well to the flavorful meats and dishes that they serve.

After trying many different blends (one of the pitfalls of the job, hehe) they created The Linkery Cuvee 1. This is a non vintage blend which has tons of complexity; the 2005 Cab brings depth, the 2006 Merlot fills in the mid palate and the newer vintage Cab showcases fruit and spice. All of these grapes used in this blend were sourced from "Lambert Bridge Vineyard," Dry Creek Valley- Sonoma County. The wine is going to be aged in Cask and will be gravity poured, which is great as these casks are reusable! This has tremendous upside as there will be no corks shipped over from Portugal, Glass trucked from Mexico, no tin capsule to be tossed, etc...... I am also excited about putting the wines in cask because I am not going to have to add extra sulfites as the wine is going to be consumed relatively quickly.

The Linkery
3794 30th St.
San Diego, Ca.