Monday, January 15, 2007

2006 Crush Summary

This is the year that we moved the operation down to Carlsbad from Sonoma County. I was a little concerned on how this might affect the wine, specifically the VA (volatile acidity.) After reviewing the lab results from the years prior there wasn't any disparity and I'm convinced that the wine will be of equal or better quality.

Quite pleased with the way the 2006 Cabernet has turned out and think it could be our best Cab. The yields off the vine were low which improved the overall intensity. As with the previous vintages, the grapes were just destemmed which tends to give a more fruit forward type of wine. The grapes arrived November 22, 2006 and I crushed into 5 fermenters. I used 2 different Rhone yeasts to bring out different attributes, and I really like what they brought to the table. After fermenation the alcohol was at 14.4% percent, Ph 3.6, and the Ta .67.

The Merlot was brought in September 23, 2006 and I crushed into 4 different fermenters. I used a Bordeaux and a northern Italian yeast for fermentation. I had used the Italian yeast last year and absolutely loved the results. I am not sure if this wine will have the same body and fruit that the previous two vintages had but it might appease the palet that isn't into big wines. After fermenation, the alcohol was at 14.6, the PH at 3.55 , and Ta at .7.
These wines have been primarily in French oak with some Hungarian and American Oak in the mix. Expected release date is Summer 2008 and we should be bottling around 200 cases of each.